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Although it can help control certain eating disorders, using Vyvanse solely for the purpose of weight loss … How Vyvanse Causes Weight Loss.

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Children and adultsespecially those just beginning treatment with Vyvanse may experienced a diminished desire to eat, which can lead to rapid weight loss.

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54 AnswersPosted in: vyvanse, binge eating disorder, prescriptionAnswer: … keeping very busy, but sometimes I over do it and have to rest a few minutes. ….. I’ ve heard of it and I know it’s prescribed off label for weight loss. ….. Since then, my weight has gone up and down but has mostly been normal, …

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For ADHD baby4 do you think you maybe clenching your jaw throughout the day ? …. I’d do my own google search and found plenty of people complaining about vyvanse causing joint pain. … I have faced serious and significant weight loss.

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How much weight loss w/ Vyvanse?? … Are you using this medication for weight loss? … Do you love it, because of the speed feeling. ….. Don’t know why but it caused extreme weight loss in me compared to Adderall.

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Side effects: binge eating episodes, loss of appetite … Lost weight initially but the med no longer decreases my appetite. …. BUT Vyvanse does work 100 times better than adderall, and did help me a lot despite all this other … a combination of the PD meds with the Vyvanse that caused me to have such a horrible experience.

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I love this medication just curious about the weight loss aspect … and then you just take it as a routine thing cause you can’t function without it.

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Both drugs may cause priapism, which is a penile erection lasting more than four hours that can damage the genital tissue. Vyvanse and Adderall should not be …

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Common Questions and Answers about Vyvanse weight loss in adults … [Long Term Side Effects] Does Adderall cause loss of appetite? [Short Term Side …

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After many, many unsuccessful weight loss attempts, I’m finally going to resort my my vyvanse script … Support/donate a good cause! …. VYVANSE WILL NOT DO A DAMN THING IF YOU DO NOT EXERCISE OR EAT RIGHT!